2015 TVA Reunion Event

San Saba, Texas
March 7

Arriving in San Saba from our morning walk in Brady, Carol spotted
this metal Armadillo. Turns out Armadillo is the school mascot.

The walk started very near the courthouse square at the very busy
Wedding Oak Winery.

Memorial on the courthouse lawn.

Famous cowboy, Abraham Galloway, from San Saba.

Historical marker about Confederate Reunion held in San Saba.

Old County Jail.

Fountain in Mill Pond Park.
Marker on the building in the park.

Water wheel with Kathy and Les on the trail below.

Beautiful waterfall.

Small waterfall.

Carol and Freya leaving Mill Pond Park.

Metal flowers at entrance to San Saba River Nature Park.

Nice paved hike/bike trail.

Ruins at the first waterworks location.

View of the ruins from the overlook on the other side of the river.

Re-entering Mill Pond Park.

Blooming tree and the mill pond.

Back by the San Saba County Courthouse.

Mural on G&R Grocery across from the courthouse.

G&R supports their school team.

Blooming plant in planter in the main business area.

San Saba claims to be the Pecan Capital of the World.

First Presbyterian Church.

Walk went into a nice residential district.

Interesting architecture on this church.

Clay working the checkpoint.

Statue and fountain.

From another angle.

Catholic Church.

Methodist Church.

Entrance to the athletic field paid for by senior class of 1936.

Old rock house.

Nice old house.

Hotel San Saba (closed).

Carved above hotel entrance.