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Rice University YRE

One end of the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital's twin-spired, 29-story high-rise medical office building in Houston's Medical Center.

Heading out on the shaded gravel path around Rice University.

Decorated utility box.

Pride of Barbados


We were talking and missed our turn. You should not see these next few things. LOL.

Clock in Rice Village – A local shopping area opened here in 1945
and it’s never died. It has continued to grow.

Fountain in Rice Village.

One end of an apartment complex.

The other end without the vines. I like the vine end best.

We back tracked and got on course.

Steeple in the distance.

This is the church the steeple belongs to.

Sample of the houses along the edge of Rice University.

Nicely done fence.

Contemporary Rice University Sign.

Old Rice Sign on ivy covered post.

Main entrance to Rice, we will walk through here
on our way back to the start.

We continued on toward the Museum District.

Paved trail is between Main and Fannin Streets.

Mecom Fountain – One large fountain flanked by two smaller
ones inside a traffic circle where Main and Montrose meet. .

Statue of Sam Houston.

Cancer Survivor’s – life sized figures passing through a maze that represents the hoops they must hop through for treatment.

We continued North on Main and passed the Hotel ZaZa. On the corner were two hotel employees passing out cold bottles of water and orange popsicles to people walking by. We were very hot and although we had water, ours was hot. It was wonderful. Hotel ZaZa deserves a great honorable mention for making this walk much more enjoyable. Thank You, Hotel ZaZa!

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Entrance to a Sculpture Garden.

After wandering around the sculpture garden we were back on the walk route.

Fine Art Museum.

Another fountain.

Shaded brick path down center of South Blvd.

There is also paths down West Blvd. and North Blvd.

Sample of the homes in the area.

Christopher Columbus in Bell Park. .

Odd shaped bench in Bell Park.

First Masonic Lodge in Texas. The current lodge building is in the Museum District of Houston, Texas at 4911 Montrose Boulevard. The building was erected in 1954, designed by architect Milton McGinty. The sandstone mural facade depicting the origins of Freemasonry was carved by William M. McVey.

Horticultural Art.

We went off track on purpose to find the "Founder's Statue" and the school Mascot.

Entrance to Rice’s quadrangle.

South wall of the Quadrangle.

Sculpture of William Marsh Rice, founder of Rice University.

Edgar Odell Lovett – First President of Rice University. He held the office 1912–1946.

Bronze Owl – Rice University Mascot.

We left the campus and headed in to the finish.

Carol named this the "Hour Glass". .

Passion Vine.

We finished the walk and attempted to get up on I-45 to get out of Houston. Little did we know it was closed all through downtown due to construction. So we wandered around the streets of Houston, until we finally got far enough north to hit I-10. Going west on I-10 we finally found an open on ramp to I-45 and could head toward home. Below are a couple of nice things seen while wandering the streets of downtown Houston.

Statue in front of Goode Armadillo Palace.

Statues in front of Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.