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Gilmer Volksmarching Event

Heidi and Gary working the start table. Helen looking on.

1942 Chevy lined up for parade.

Walking the parade route.

Courthouse with people waiting for the parade to start.

Upshur County Courthouse .

Ramp replaced stairs at elementary school building.

House on a hill. Note rock lined driveway.

First United Methodist Church

Cute decorations near courthouse.

First Baptist Church circa 1911.

Church of Christ.

Huge Pine Tree.

Lovely Zinnias near library.

Nice old home.

Another huge tree.

High School Gym.

Carol and Ed

Vine covered house.

Spider eating a baby (doll).

Lake with nice trees.

City Cemetery.

Livestock show area.

Yams for sale.

Arts and Crafts area.

Sign at entrance to park.

Muffler Man.