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Castroville Volksmarch Event

We parked in the St. Louis Catholic Church parking lot.

We passed this historical home on the way to the start.

Pat and Priscilla at the registration table. Pat was telling
me about a 2016 AVA Special Program for the Texas Hillcountry.

Heinz working start table.

First St. Louis Catholic Church Building from 1844.

Carlen and Joanne on the trail.

Dual wheel.

Horse head above the barn door.

Not sure what the round building is.

Variety of plants mixed together.

Historical marker for old house.

Rainbow theatre now an antique store.

Old building with balcony.

Zion Lutheran Church.

Robert on the way back in.

Old filling station is now "Octane Coffee and Tea Haus."

Castro Memorial.

Historic home.

Historic home.

Old window being reclaimed by nature.

Cutie who barked at us.

Info board in the butterfly garden.

We detoured off course to look for two letterboxes.
This is the entrance to the bird watching trail.

View of the trail we took looking for treasure.

We found one box. The other had gone missing.

Back on the walk route we crossed the road to view the river.

Another view of the Medina River.

Ed with the Medina River.

Chamber of Commerce checkpoint volunteer.

Looking back at park entrance as we leave.

One of many bougainvilleas.

Historic home.

An original log cabin?

Passed on the way out of town.