2015 TVA Reunion Event

Brady, Texas
March 7

Carlen outside the walk start to
direct people since there wasn't a sign.

Getting registered to walk.

WPA painting inside the post office.

Christian Church.

Presbyterian Church.

Episcopal Church.

Heart of Texas Country Music Museum.
Checkpoint at museum.

We went inside the museum.

Grand Ole Opry photo.

Elvis’ Corner. He had his own personal bumper car.

Ed posed with statues of the stars.

Ellen and Darlene were our checkpoint people.

Giant guitar on the front of the museum.

Nice house for sale.

Soldiers guarding a front door.

Nice House

Another nice house.

Mascot displayed at the Tennis Courts.

Pedestrian bridge into a park.

Looking at the creek/river we crossed.

Rock basket planter.

Wink from San Angelo.
Korean and Vietnam Memorials.

Eternal Flame plaque.

There is a flame.

WWI and WWII plaque.

Freya found a clean puddle to get a drink.

Another creek/river crossing.

Eagle guarding an entrance.

Ed and a very nice Falcon.

Another church.

City Hall entrance.

Old jail, now used as a museum.

Air Traffic Control tower moved here from Curtis Field.
This tower was in use during WWII.

Marker for Gen. McCulloch, the man the county was named after.

McCulloch County Courthouse.

1936 Historical Marker.

WWII Artillery on the courthouse lawn.

Mural across from courthouse.

Marker for Brady’s claim to be the heart of Texas.

Another view of the McCulloch Courthouse.